zondag 7 november 2010

Painting Photo Challenges

.. this watercolour painting is still in progress ..

8 opmerkingen:

Franz zei

Mjriam excellent, well designed!
I'm curious to see it finished!

Good evening.


Mirjam zei

Hi Franz,

Thanks for your nice comment!

Have a good day!

Kiki aka Victoria zei

Beautiful work! It is wonderful to meet you!

Mirjam zei

Thank you Victoria.. you are very talented!

art2cee2 zei

It coming along wonderfully! :-)

Mirjam zei

Thank you.. I hop over to your blog later today!

Kiki aka Victoria zei

Hi Mirjam..just popping by to see what you are up to lately! I love your blog and the wonderful spirit you are! I look forward to more of your posts and gorgeous art!Have a beautiful day!

Kiki aka Victoria zei

Hi Mirjam..just stopping in to say hi and see how you are! Hope all is well
happy Creating!
beautiful works !